About Us

A Curious Mind

I chose this photo to introduce myself because what you see here is the backdrop of the best 20 years of my life, so far. The future is yet to be lived.

The Teacher

I headed to an Alaskan university on a dare. I cam back to Canada 25 years later! I loved Alaska. I love Vancouver Island. I love teaching English.

The Next Chapter

15 years ago, we made our first trip to the island. We left here one week later, knowing we would live here eventually. Vancouver Island offered everything that was dear to our hearts. It took 12 years to complete that mission.

Water Wind and Sun was born as a way to bring 30 years of water and energy experience to the end user, you. What you find here is right out of my book of experience. If I am advising on a subject on this website, then I have experienced it. I have touched it. I have installed it. I have experienced it. And now I am passing that on to you.

It’s Your Water – Your Decision – Your Health – Choose Wisely