The rapid change in communication technology in the form of connections, integration, supply chain management that are essential and part of critical infrastructure, has brought out new security challenges. As a result, securing critical information, operations, consumer profiles and data, is beyond the four walls of physical security. Therefore, it is critical to enhance security. Since, electric power systems are comprised of both IT and power, their interdependence has resulted in gaps in the security. Though the cyber threats cannot be eliminated, they can be mitigated and their impact reduced. The threat mitigation costs money, efforts, downtime, economic and psychological impacts on the industry that could result in damage to company’s performance and the national economies. Our vision aims to highlight various security vulnerabilities of the energy infrastructure and their impacts. While discussing the impacts, we will also present mechanisms and emphasize the need for national security coordination efforts to mitigate threats.


There are many variations of concepts that offer sustainable energy via distributed power generation. The basic premise is that a “distributed power system (DPS) ” is more efficient, less expensive to maintain, and more resistant to outside interference than a “centralized power system (CPS)”. New technologies offer an abundance of options for the purpose of DPS. As well as developing DPS, many of the newer power generation technologies also create a much smaller environmental footprint when operating.


Does that sound rather lame? “We are the saviors of our planet?” Well, if not us, then who? Who exactly is it that you believe will do it, if not you and I? There is no one else! Just you and I. We have control over what we apply our attention towards. Nothing more. You cannot affect that which you do not apply your attention towards. So pay attention to what you see here, on this blog. Because if you and I do not do what needs to be done, it might not get done. And that is just not acceptable!