The Prime Minister of Canada isn’t shy when it comes to his thoughts about climate change. Act now, he tells Canadians, while it is still a choice.

The cause of climate change, the potential effects of climate change, and combating climate change are debated often, but the rising CO2 levels are a reality. And so are the rising flood waters which accompany global warming. Scientists are aware of multiple potential causes of global warming and while the arguments continue, tempers are rising as fast as the flood waters!

Even worse than wrong assumptions, are those factions that try to ram their own opinions down the throats of skeptics with threats and violence.

CO2 levels continue to rise while politicians and business interests debate the expense of battling climate change. The focus is on the spike in CO2 levels and the increase in global temperatures accompanying it. Some advocates, of climate change, blame the Industrial Revolution. However, by looking into the past, much farther than the Industrial Revolution, we see patterns in the earth’s temperature fluctuations indicating an eventual cataclysmic probability.

NASA reports that CO2 levels are on the rise at an unprecedented rate. From 1950 until now, this spike has been almost vertical.

This trend seems to have followed the fossil fuel industry’s growth. It is convenient to draw the conclusion that the spike in global CO2 is caused by fossil fuel combustion. This is substantiated by many studies. It is pretty obvious that the beginning of the dramatic rise in CO2 levels coincides with the Industrial Revolution.

However, it is an assumption that the current phenomena, which we see in the atmosphere, it is created by ourselves.

Severe storms, floods and unusually warm winters. We can debate the possible causes, but climate change and global warming are real!

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