I thought I would be through by now. My pole would be hanging off of the stern. The autopilot holding the course. Pina Colada in hand. I was unprepared for where life was about to take me.

Now, at 69 years of wisdom, I live on Vancouver Island. My fishing boat is on its trailer beside the house. 10 minutes is what it takes to drive to the small village of Cowichan Bay, and the ocean. And although we do get out for some fishing, I find myself preoccupied with unfinished business. Projects left in limbo. Good ideas that we ran out of time for. Or did we run out of time? Maybe all that was needed was a break. Some time to breath the air. And then resume.

Our core research was in relation to “hydrogen combustion assist” technologies. We were using fractional hydrogen to complete the combustion of other fuels such as diesel, kerosene, cooking oils, waste water treatment off gas and flared gas associated with oil pumping operations. During various down-times we could play with other ideas, build table top scale models, and even develop some products for specific markets. Many of these small projects had enough potential to create interest, but were never our chief objective, and were abandoned due to fiduciary responsibility to investors that had placed their interests into our hydrogen projects.

Today I believe three considerations need to be satisfied for any country to have independence and security. Without sustainable energy, clean water and sufficient food, no country can know their own security. They must rely on some outsider for their basic needs. I believe that Canada has the food and water needed for self sufficiency. Two out of the three is a good start, but not a finish.


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